What is Fidoocle?

Do you need to report on economic substance? Fidoocle is a RegTech company that enables robust real-time reporting on economic substance. Fidoocle uses a combination of private encryption keys wich serves to authenticate the users and record the physical location of the signatories.

Fidoocle allows fiduciary companies to build a secure digital foundation through non-repudiation with a specific focus on user authenticity, location and time data. This foundation is a real time compliance reporting mechanism to various internal and external parties.

How does it work?

Encryption key issued to each signatory

The company administrator is responsible to assign encryption keys and complete the enrolment process for authorised signatories.

Download the Fidoocle app

The Fidoocle app is available in the Apple app store and the Google Play store.

Document signing is made available

When uploading a document the assigned signatory receives an email link to the document requiring their signature.

App authentication process

Once the signatory approves the document online, the app authenticates them via biometrics, as well as records their location and time data.

Real-time reporting

The system provides the organisation with real-time reporting that can be used for internal and external compliance.

Who are we?

The Fidoocle solution enables organisations to simultaneously combine biometric, location, and time data in determining user authenticity within a regulatory environment.

It has been built for organisations that value the privacy and security of their clients' data, and that want to ensure compliance within a global regulatory framework.

The system allows for effortless measuring and reporting on Economic Substance, as well as the integration of the OECD's Base Erosion and Profit Shifting initiative and Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive EU.

What does 'Fidoocle' mean?

'Fidoocle' is a combination of "Fidus", the Latin word for trust.

"Monocle", a eyepiece used to correct or enhance visual perception

"Cle" the French word for key

Patented technology

Our technology has been registered at the patent office and is in pending status.

The Fidoocle team

Bern Leuvennink

Founder and CEO

Bern has established a professional career in accounting, as well as tax and advisory in both South Africa and the UK. He is passionate about technology, global business growth and development within a cross-border context. He holds a Masters degree in International Taxation which he obtained at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego.

Kobus Grobler

Founder and CTO

Kobus is a serial entrepreneur and experienced CTO with a demonstrated history in the Information Technology industry. He is highly skilled in software design, development, management and strategic planning.

John Paul Dicks


John-Paul, CFA and CA(SA) is the CFO and co-founder of Nande Capital, a South African-based private equity fund of fund manager and advisor. He has been involved in the capital markets while employed at ZAQ Capital and PSG Capital and has experience in M&A transactions, valuations, listings and general corporate finance advice. Prior to this he completed his traineeship at PwC.

Jaco Wasserfall


Jaco is the co-founder and CEO of The Benefit Counsellor, a company that improves the financial outcomes of retirement fund members by providing better communication and education in a practical manner. In 2016 he completed his MBA at IE Madrid where he graduated top of his class and specialised in FinTech.

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Frequently Answers & Questions

These are just some of the most common questions we get asked. For anything else, please contact us.

Step 1: A USB private encryption key is issued to each approved signatory or trustee by the organisation’s appointed administrator

Step 2: The signatory or trustee is linked to the issued USB private encryption key

Step 3: The Fidoocle app is downloaded on the mobile device's app store

Step 4: The signatory registers as a signer on the Fidoocle compliance platform

Step 5: The sigatory signs the relevant document on their computer and authenticates themselves via the mobile app

Step 6: The signatory can sit back and relax, as the labour-intensive regulatory compliance has been completed in no time

Download the Fidoocle app on your mobile device's app store by typing "Fidoocle" in teh search bar

Alternatively, use the direct link below to your device’s app store -

[include direct link to Apple App Store]

[include direct link to Google Store]

The app will utilise your biometrics to sign any relevant document, ensuring that only you in real life can be you in the digital world.

Only once you have been issued with your USB private encryption key by your organisation's appointed administrator, and you have downloaded the Fidoocle app on your mobile device, you can logon to the Fidoocle compliance platform website at https://demo.fidoocle.com.

Keep your mobile device on hand, as you will be required to insert the OTP code sent to your mobile device’s Fidoocle app in order to register your mobile device to your profile and USB private encryption key.Once registered, enjoy the simplicity of secure compliance made easy.

For any assistance with the Fidoocle app and/ or compliance platform website please contact us on at info@fidoocle.com and we will contact you directly as a matter of urgency during office hours, as long as we are not shark cage diving.

Company news

Patent application success

A successful patent application for Fidoocle was lodged at the UK Patent office for its' secure digital signing process with a location patent. In particular, the invention application submitted relates to the secure signing of a digital document in a way that links a signer, a location and the signed document together on a compliant and secure platform. Fidoocle intends to apply within the next 12 months for the international coverage required for the invention either by filing a priority-claiming application in other countries or via an international PCT application.

Beta software rolled out to first customer

Fidoocle has secured a few fiduciary and compliance organisations as part of the Beta testing of the product by outside third parties. These organisations are located in Isle of Man, United Kingdom, Cayman Islands and South Africa providing Fidoocle with great initial access to a wide client base with divergent specific operational needs in both the onshore and offshore regulatory environments that these organisations operate.Fidoocle intends to launch the commercialisation of its’ initial base product upon conclusion of the Beta testing with these companies, which will be announced to the market in due course.

Relevant news articles

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work and execute business dealings. Digital companies have accelerated in this time and everyone agrees that we are not going back to the way things were before. Most people agree that they will travel much less with the wide acceptance garnered by digital meeting tools such as Zoom, Teams and Slack. Core income-generating activities and locations will need to be considered and adapted with restrictions in travel and general business operations. This will require more secure and digital tracking to sign documents and prove that the correct person signed the document and that they are who they claim to be online. Proof of identity and physical location is going to become a major concern for the signing and executing of electronic documents and is yet to be tested in court.

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